Our company was one of the beneficiaries of the Conecta Hubs call for the implementation of collaborative projects in the strategic areas of the Digital Innovation Hubs, whose award was published on 18 October. Within this call, MEIFUS INDUSTRIAL, S.L. participates in the consortium integrated by Meifus Industrial, Xoia Software, TI Automotive and Inova Labs to carry out the project “Smart Lean Platform for Peolpe” (SL4P).

Within the aforementioned call, the project is subsidised by the Galician Innovation Agency and charged to the Galicia ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020: “A way of doing Europe”, as well as supported by the Second Vice-Presidency and the Regional Ministry of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation.

The SLP4P project aims to complete the development of a new intelligent platform capable of monitoring industrial processes, forecasting their evolution and providing specific information and recommendations for the operators of these processes, using innovative technologies such as data capture tools, automatic learning and Augmented Reality. In this way, the work of the project results in an integral system of intelligent control and support that can have a notable impact on the efficiency, sustainability and quality of our industry, in line with the thematic objective 3 of the FEDER Galicia Plan 2014-2020, to achieve a more competitive business environment.

Within these general objectives, Meifus Industrial, S.L. carries out different tasks of sensorisation, virtualisation and monitoring of the platform”.

Second Annuity


From the start of the project until November 2022, at the end of the second year, the project partners are making significant progress in the development and implementation of the different technologies and tools that together form the new intelligent platform for process monitoring and control. Among other achievements, the sensorisation and data storage infrastructure necessary for the control of different parameters is deployed, the modelling and virtualisation of two pilot IT processes within the developed user interaction tools is achieved, different data processing and analysis functions with Artificial Intelligence are satisfactorily developed and work is underway to implement this set of tools in the IT plant in Vigo, with the aim of starting the final tasks of integration and pilot validation tests of these technologies in the next year 2023 of the project.


Specifically, and within this set of works carried out, Meifus Industrial participates actively through the performance of different tasks that are detailed below:


  • Sensorisation of machines, comfort and general installations.
  • Development of Artificial Vision algorithm for centesimal measurement in the production process as well as algorithm for intermediate warehouse control.
  • Development and deployment of geolocation systems for people and means of production.
  • Security improvements in data transmission, capture and restructuring of the MQTT data model.
  • 2D/3D virtualisation of the plant with mobile elements, machines and sensors.

Third Annuity


In the year 2023, from the beginning of December 2022 until the end of the project in April 2023, the partners have worked together on the implementation of the different tools developed, their integration in a first prototype of the platform and the performance of different validation tasks, with Meifus providing special support in making various adjustments to sensor and communication tools, as well as assisting in the introduction of final communication and parameter detection elements, or supporting essential verification tests, thus contributing to obtain a valid and functional platform that meets the parameters set by the consortium as a whole.


FINISH DATE: 31/04/2023

Galicia ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020: “A way of doing Europe”.

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